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As a longstanding Jersey business we know how important it is to support the Island’s sustainability and we are proud that the work we do plays an important part in developing Jersey’s sustainable future.

Maximising re-use, recycling and recovery with the lowest possible carbon footprint is a key environmental challenge — the more we recycle and recover, the more CO2 we save compared to using virgin ores.


The metal and plastic we recycle saves significant quantities of energy and associated greenhouse gas emissions every year, compared to the use of new materials. For instance in 2019 our UK operations saved approximately 4.5Mt of CO2, the total average emissions for a UK city the size of Glasgow!

To find out more about why recycling your metal is important click here.


To ensure that we maintain a leading position in sustainability, we have invested in our own environmental consultancy. This means that we have access to the highest quality advice, skills and training, ensuring that we are able to provide market leading performance and advice for the benefit of our customers.

Decade of Action

Our Decade of Action details the measures EMR will take over the next ten years on its journey to become carbon net-zero across the group with key targets and milestones. You can download a copy of our sustainability strategy using the button below.